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Upgrading to Windows 11

Microsoft recently introduced us to Windows 11!

It's time for organizations to start rolling it out! We have been running it for a while now, and we're fans. They've done a good job on this update. It runs fast and stable and is easy to navigate.

Us IT folks are always a little weary about setting an update loose, especially when it's a whole new version of an operating system. So we've waited while Microsoft identifies and patches any initial issues. That said, it's time to start updating.

What to expect?

Once your organization enables the update, it's very easy. Just leave your computer on and plugged in. We recommend rebooting at the end of each day, which logs you out, and also catches up on any previous updates. Windows 11 will be installed automatically as a Windows update. Meaning, it should just run overnight and in the morning you'll have Windows 11. It's important to note that requirements for Windows 11 are stringent, and so if your computer does not update, it likely does not meet the requirements. That's ok, as Windows 10 will be supported (i.e. patched) until late 2025.

Here are some videos to orient you to the changes in the look and feel: Meet Windows 11 - YouTube

Enjoy Windows 11!


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