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Microsoft 365 Pricing Increase - Sept 1st

Microsoft is increasing Microsoft 365 licensing pricing by 6% on Sept 1st. We recommend making an annual commitment before this deadline to lock in your current pricing for the next year.

For current clients, we will help you lock in current pricing. For anyone not working with IC 360 as your license provider, we can offer a discounted rate that you can lock in for the next year. Please contact us so we can assist.

Scenarios Requiring Action:

  • You are purchasing licensing direct from Microsoft

  • You are paying your licenses monthly, but do not have an annual commitment made with a Microsoft Partner

Why work with IC 360 for your M365 licenses?

IC 360 is a Microsoft Partner and license provider, with a focus on Modern Work. We have a self-service portal for licensing and our clients have dedicated support to choose exactly the right licenses to provide the features needed, while minimizing costs.

Video Summary from Jeremy below:


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