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Some of our most common client industries

Community-Based Care

Members of our team have deep experience managing the technology and data of Community Health Centres and other similar community-based care organizations. We understand the challenges of electronic medical records systems and privacy requirements of the health sector.


Create a strong foundation for the many responsibilities that a Municipality carries and the diverse apps and data required to execute. With a simple and robust IT infrastructure and our support team keeping it running smoothly, you can focus on advanced solutions that truly benefit your communities. 

Construction Firms

We are excited for the potential technology can provide to construction in the near future. Augmented Reality (AR) is one very practical use of technology that we think will be hugely practical (step into your blueprint). To reach those incredible new opportunities, the first step is to modernize your base IT infrastructure. That platform will open doors to AI, AR, and other incredible technologies beginning to hit the market.

School Boards

We can assist your School Board with fully modernizing the Microsoft elements of your environments. This will address security, efficiency and productivity. In doing so, we will ensure alignment with Google and Apple ecosystems. We also have assisted with data integrations projects that synchronize user records across your Azure AD and School Information Systems.

Crown Corporations

Modernize your workforce. Enable secure work-from-anywhere on any device capability. We can work with you on modernization projects, managing some or all of your IT systems, or layer on advanced security with our Managed SOC service. Ultimately, it's about enabling your people and staying ahead of the hackers.


In order to secure IT infrastructure, we need to move to modern platforms. With security being critical, we can help modernize your core Microsoft infrastructure. This helps to protect your users, but will also enable flexibility in how they work. 

Design & Engineering Firms

Enable your people. Move to a modern infrastructure to boost security, reduce friction and enable mobility. Fine-tune your computers to run your design apps and streamline collaboration internally and externally.

Modern infrastructure will set the stage for leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) to take your firm deep into the 21st century.

Small Businesses

You've grown your startup to about 15 or 20 people, and you're still wearing the IT person hat. Pass that hat our way and we will quickly establish standards, provide support to your team, and help you set a technology roadmap to help establish strong security and accelerate the growth of your business.


Associations have a unique challenge of often being a small set of internal users with an enormous number of (external) members. We have helped many associations with such projects as reviewing their overall tech stacks, selecting new AMS platforms, and establishing secure methods to collaborate with external parties.

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