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Our vision is to use technology to enable our clients’ efficiency and effectiveness, and drive real results. We want to explore the “Art of the Possible” with you and your team. Our team is adaptable and willing to continually evaluate and adjust our solutions based on your needs. If a solution made sense in the past, that does not mean it does now and in the future. We believe strongly in continuous improvement and will not stick to current solutions just because it is convenient for us.


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Adam Crain started his career as an IT Consultant at the age of 19 for a newly created firm in 2000, formed by a group of consultants spun out of Deloitte LLP.  He spent five years with this firm taking on a systems deployment and configurator role.

Adam then moved into an IT Advisory and planning role for small and medium sized businesses, partnering to build an IT professional services firm in 2007.  Adam was a Partner and VP of Professional Services, he took on the role of Sr. Technical Architect leading a team of IT Professionals and taking on IT Strategic Planning. Under his leadership the firm grew to 17 IT consultants and systems engineers which competed with the larger IT Services firms in Ontario.

Today Adam's goal is to understand the issues and requirements of his client, not just the technology perspective but also business issues and how they impact the end user. Applying this knowledge, Adam will develop methods to deliver technology solutions that improve an organization's capabilities to achieve their business objectives.  Adam will explore all options and deploy technologies in the most effective manner possible.

Adam has worked in many sectors including the Public Sector, Federal Crown Corporations, private sector business, Health Care, and municipalities.  He has a clear understanding of the requirements and best practices for these organizations.  

At IC 360, Adam is responsible for delivering technology strategies and solutions, as well as taking a leadership role in the direction of the technology platforms into the hands of the client. 

"The philosophy of sharing knowledge with the client is key; the more we share, the more options and possibilities are opened up to our clients.  Over the last 20 years, I've come to understand its not just good enough to understand technology, but providing technology leadership is required to effectively and successfully deploy new solutions, from digital transformation to IT Security."

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Jeremy holds a Business degree from the University of Ottawa and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 20 years of hands-on IT experience. At IC 360, he specializes in systems modernization and workflow efficiency. Jeremy has led transformative projects across diverse sectors, blending his expertise in IT and business management to achieve impactful results.

Committed to purpose-driven technology, Jeremy advocates for simple yet effective solutions that not only enhance productivity but also bolster security. His approach rejects technology for technology's sake, focusing instead on carefully chosen implementations that serve clear organizational objectives.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

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