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Augmented Infrastructure Support (AIS)

On-Demand Support for your IT Department

This service is for organizations that have an IT department, but could use extra help periodically. This could be for a project, or responding to an issue with a support ticket.

This is an on-demand service with no minimum spending requirements.

Technology Advisory


What technology is best going to accelerate your movement toward your organization's goals?


We will analyze those non-technical goals and help identify the technology stack that will best enable your team, while considering security, reliability and cost.

Implementation & Integration


So you know what your "future state" technology stack should be, but now you need to implement it. 

We are constantly deploying technology into production environments, and can help lead your through the complex change to modernize your environment.

Escalation Support

Maintain & Improve

We are a team of Senior Systems Engineers and Architects available on an as needed basis to augment your internal IT department. 

When emergencies happen, or you need extra help on a new policy, we can be there to help fill in any gaps. 

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