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Managed Security Operations Centre

For Extra Protection from Cyber Crime

This service is designed to actively monitor for vulnerabilities and incidents. It is ideal for organizations that have adopted Microsoft 365's Modern Cloud Infrastructure. We can offer strong added protections in an easy to deploy and affordable manner.


We will work to continuously address vulnerabilities within supported applications, and act to stop threats and incidents when they are identified. This is accomplished by using a combination of artificial intelligence as well as expert human analysis & intervention.

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

We partner with Red Canary to provide 24/7 monitoring for incidents. Their machine learning and artificial intelligence scans billions of alerts to identify the real threats.

Vulnerability Management

We leverage Microsoft's Defender Vulnerability Management for real-time scanning and tracking the remediation process of known vulnerabilities.

Transparent Reporting

Monthly reports to provide you easy to understand metrics for your computers and network.

Simple Billing

We bundle what you need and provide flat-rate, predictable billing.

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