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What is your Exposure Score?

You know what hackers like? Unpatched software with convenient little holes that allow them into your business.

Microsoft continues to release incredible technology to combat this, and your "Exposure Score" is a simple way to understand how at risk you are.

There are a few prerequisites to using it, and those are:

  1. Subscribe to a license of Microsoft 365 that includes an Intune license, such as Business Premium (if < 300 employees), E3, or E5.

  2. Enroll your corporate computers into Intune (aka EndPoint Manager).

  3. Deploy Microsoft Defender, ideally enforced through an Intune policy.

Once you have the pieces in place to assess your score, then you want to drive that number down as low as possible and keep it low, which is an ongoing effort. Our Modern Managed SOC service is focused on actively discovering and removing vulnerabilities, as well as leveraging AI to detect when incidents do actually occur.

The enclosed image is direct from one of our managed clients, where we took the number down from nearly 50, to 10 in about a month. That spike was a Chrome vulnerability that came out, which we quickly patched.

Let's work together to fight cyber crime. Contact us to get started.


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