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Easier Scheduling of Meetings with FindTime

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We all love meetings, right! Do we love scheduling them? Absolutely not! It is one of the worst parts of being an information worker. Entire companies have been built around trying to reduce that pain.

Well, if you're on Microsoft 365, check out FindTime. It is a beautiful piece of technology that seamlessly integrates with Outlook and basically solves this problem.

FindTime can be used for any meetings, large or small with external contacts whose schedule you cannot see, and should be. Here's why:

  1. Integration: It's already in your calendar. When you suggest a time, it blocks it in your calendar as tentative. This is a classic gotcha when scheduling that it solves automatically. Once you actually select a time, it removes all the tentative suggested slots.

  2. It works on Outlook Online (my preferred app), and Outlook Desktop.

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