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School Boards

Given we are deeply focused on Microsoft 365 and Azure, the role we play with School Boards is focused on modernizing the Microsoft elements of your environment. Lately the focus is on security and modernization, which ultimately go hand-in-hand.


We have dealt with the surprises that come with changes to Microsoft's infrastructure. Work with us and we can help plan and/or implement those disruptive or high risk changes.

School Board IT Security

  • Cross-platform Identity Integration with Modern MFA

  • Cross-platform EndPoint Management & Security via Intune

We understand you have a large and diverse set of users and technology and know how to roll-out modern security without disrupting existing apps and services.


Boost your Secure Score and Meet Insurance Requirements


School Information System Integration

We can help you synchronize data between your School Information System (SIS), Azure Active Directory, and any other apps that contain such data.

We can work with Microsoft's School Data Sync tool, or if it is not supported by your SIS, we can also help design a custom integration. Either way, let's get that sync as automated and reliable as possible.


Google/Microsoft/Apple Integration & Automation

We understand that most schools have corporate Apple and/or Google devices. If you have Azure as your central Identity platform, we can help to fine-tune your Single Sign-on (SSO). This includes enhancing it with modern Conditional Access MFA and hardware tokens where appropriate. 

On the device management front, we can work with you to put Intune at the centre of your device management. Manage Chrome, Apple and Windows devices on a single pane of glass.


School Board Modernization

We see School Boards living in the "hybrid cloud" life and seeking to retire legacy technologies. We can help take the final steps to retire such systems as:

  • Traditional Active Directory

  • File Servers

  • Print Servers

  • Traditional VPN (usually after other services retire)

  • Remote Desktop Services

These were once cutting edge services! However, it is time to move on, and we can help you take the steps needed to fully retire them. This will boost security and improve user experience.

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