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Common Projects

Teams Rooms

In this new hybrid work life, we need to be able to hold meetings that include the staff in the office, and the people spread around the world. Teams Rooms solutions enable that.


Cloud Migration

If you have physical servers and storage, and you're ready to move those into the Microsoft Cloud (365/Azure), we do this constantly. We'd love to help.

Data Cloud

Data Migration

If you have a file server or email server that you need to move into the Microsoft Cloud, we can help you accomplish this while staff are actively working. We do this routinely.

Image by Ian Battaglia

Information Management Planning

We really try to avoid the "life and shift" move to the cloud platforms such as SharePoint. Instead, we like to work with our clients to carefully design a structure and retention policy for all production data.

Image by Maarten van den Heuvel

Implementing Intune

If you are using Microsoft 365, we strongly recommend using Intune for device management. Manage Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. We'll help you configure Autopilot for zero-touch deployment, security and patch policies, automatic app deployments and conditional access that dictates which computers are allowed to access your data.

Using Laptop at Home

Software Selection

If you have a business challenge that you believe technology can address, we can help guide the selection. Rather than be led down a path by sales people, we develop your requirements and help to ensure you select the best technology for your organization, not the solution with the best sales materials.

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